Tip of the Day #1 – The importance of your unique Help365 website link!

Posted on October 13, 2014 by - Help365

Cameron says.....

Cameron says…..

The most important tool that you have as a Help365 member is the unique website link that takes you to your very own Help365 website.

Typically this looks like www.help365.biz/?agentID=5578

You would have received your own website link in the first email and SMS you received after you joined Help365.

Why is this link so critical? By sharing this link, people clicking on it will go to your unique Help365 website – and if they provide their name, cell phone number and email address on that site, that person will always be linked to your unique agent ID. In the event that they sign up, you are sure to receive your ongoing income associated with their membership, for as long as they stay a paid-up member. 


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  1. Jaimie Lee on

    please can you couch me and help me get started. i have sent my unique website to as many people as possible and they said me it does not work…please can you help me.


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